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was dismissed as just another hunting rival. >> the left always uses assault rifles. they are really used in hunting. >> eliot: funny, i never tried to see a hunter try to bag a deal with one of those. he even defended the availability of the extra capacity magazine seen used in the attack. >> there are magazines common all over the place. you simply hi cannot keep these weapons out of the hands of sick demented individuals who want to do harm. when you try to do t you restrict our freedoms. >> eliot: we can set a speed limit but we can't ban the 100 round magazine used by james holmes. murdoch tweeted, supplied, i quote, we have to do something about gun controls, police license okay for hunting rifle or pistol for anyone without crim or psycho record no more. my pleasure to welcome to this program, the author of the domestic gunman, senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. you have been a proponent for gun control even in the aftermath of colorado, backing the recent measures you've had for so many years. why are we where we are. >> because of a very successful lobby controlled
are we? and what does an investigation of the pastel us about where we have been and where we're going and that's the gift of history, the medicine of history. so you come across something and you have to say yes. there is a kind of economy of scale, there's a great warp and wolf to american history. i have been through the 1920s on about seven or eight different films, and each time the 20s i go through are totally different. even prohibition and baseball or jazz which you would think would be really close, it seemed really different. >> in that context do these films find you or do you seek them out? >> you know what that's a really good question. i -- i think they choose me. i just feel like i'm susceptible to a good i'll read a book. somebody i'm working with will be talking about something, and one of my partners will say i'm dying to do this and ten years later that's the only thing you want to do. they -- they -- i feel like i am samoa or guam, an american possession, and if it's an american story, then i am interested in it. but i don't mean to suggest that i
to go into detail on his condition. he does not owe us too much of an explanation. >> cenk: i couldn't disagree more. does anyone in the country believe that it's really execs exhaustion. >> i'm excited that the media is covering a missing black person. this is groundbreaking. all right? this is not a young attractive white girl. it's amazing. >> cenk: fair enough. >> generally i tend to side on the side of privacy even if you are a public official. he has been gone. exhaustion is not enough detail. even if we don't know what it is he's out for, we need to know if this is a flu, are you going to be back in a couple of weeks or are you terminally ill. >> cenk: we just got breaking news and it's only fox news. but they're reporting that the jackson family has been saying that it's a moodies order. i don't know what that means either. >> it means that something is wrong with us and it's really not our business right now. okay jesse jackson, you have to come back in if you're losing your mind, say it on the floor of the congress. calm down. he's still a human being. like i said, it's bee
on the outsourcing issue and a great friend, congress wokecongresswoman louise slaughter thank you for joining us. >> it is a pleasure. >> eliot: tell us what your amendment would do, and why it's so important. >> well, democrats have been trying for some time to stop the outsourcing of jobs. the second thing we want to do is reinforce the sanctions and help our ally israel by making it tougher for iran. we believe the sanctions are working. and we simply need more. third, we want to say the corporations are not more important than people in the united states, and will not be ever again. i want to say one thing about the mining loss. i'm not sure that people understand that. the law that we operate under today was written in 1882 and signed by ulysses grant. we stopped a consortium including iran, we from uranium from the grand canyon. it's a scandal in itself, and it needs to be changed. iran is a threat to our best ally. we need to do what we can to keep those sanctions going. by all accounts, nicholas kristof, the people of iran would very much like to be friends of america. they hold us in hi
, of american workers. slapping a trade complaint against the chinese for jacking up prices on u.s. cars. he takes a political whack at mitt romney in the process. reminding voters that there's a big difference between outsourcer in chief and commander in chief! >> i want good ships around the world stamped with "made in america." >> obama: my experience has been in saving the american auto industry and as long as i'm president, that's what i'm going to be doing. waking up every single day thinking about how we can create more jobs for your families and more security for your communities. >> jennifer: all right. that's president obama in ohio today. announcing a trade complaint against china. the u.s. sells about 92,000 cars a year to china. made in the u.s., sold in china worth about $3.3 billion. so president obama's action is in response to these harsh tariffs that the chinese imposed on cars like jeeps and cadillacs which jack up their cost by as much as 22%. when products get more expensive, obviously there's less d
inmates here, so they've had to make use of the extra space. this is actually a gymnasium. but as you can see, they're using it to house inmates. ♪ these are lower level inmates, inmates from level 1 and 2 which means that they're not the serious violent offenders. how about this guy right here? where you from? >>i'm from southern california san bernardino. >>what are you in here for? >>assault. >>assault. how long are you in for? >>i'm going home on tuesday. >>you're on a six-month violation for violating your parole? >>yes. original charge was sales of marijuana. trafficking marijuana. >>can you show us where you sleep, your bunk? >>yeah, sure. come on. >>thanks a lot. >>yeah. this is my food. eat a lot of rice. my girlfriend, she sent me this, just for fun. >>the worst case scenario, survival guide. have you learned any tips from that? >>this is must-have in prison. teach you a lot of good stuff. >>you can see the dorm rules of the gym. things like no banging on the doors, use your own phone time make the bed area when not in use. but there are also the rules the pr
romney and the koch brothers. but by using this pretension of voter fraud and the weapon of voter id laws in particular the republicans, remember, the party of catherine harris and hanging chad's and bush v. gore the republicans are systemastically snatching away people's rights. as benjamin today. jealous said as head of the naacf, our democracy is literally under attack from within. there is no battle that is more important or urgent than the battle to preserve the battles for democracy, itself. our right to vote is the right upon which our ability to defend every other right is leveraged. and he is exactly right. all right. coming up we are going to hear about the battle in pennsylvania where 760,000 people could be blocked from voting. you are not going to miss this story. you may need a drink because you are going to get very angry. it's next, and it's only in the war room. the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv. right by t
, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you very much eliot for having me. >> eliot: let's begin with this enormously important decision from the supreme court last week that put mitt romney in a bind with the healthcare act that was upheld. mitt romney, it seems bizarre beyond words is now attacking chief justice roberts for being political. does this make any sense to you? explain this crazy dynamic to us. >> you know, i wish i could explain it. but it is bizarre. first of all for governor romney to be switching his campaign characterization initially calling it a tax and now a penalty and vice versa. i think the public is justifiably confused by this shifting labeling but bottom line, the supreme court upheld it because it could constitutionally interpret it as a tax and it has a duty to uphold the law if it can. and you and i know from our cases in the united states supreme court that the first argument we make is that laws have to be presumed constitutional. that's why i predicted from the very outs
showing of the "dark knight rises," the newest batman movie, a can gunman using assault weapons killed at least 12 people and injured at least 59 others. brandy hit has the latest from aurora. >> the screams in terror weren't a reaction to the action happening on screen, but from the hail of bullets fired bay rampaging gunman. >> and you just kept hearing it. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the gunman first tossed what appeared to be a smoke grenade. >> all i kept thinking if i stand up he is going to shoot, and i was trying to think how am i going to get my kids out of there. >> reporter: some movie goinger were confused. >> i see a guy right next to me -- a gentlemen getting shot when i realize this is not part of the movie. >> reporter: jennifer said the gunman was dressed like a s.w.a.t. team member. >> he engineered up shooting people behind me and the bullet casing were on my forehead. >> reporter: james holmes the respect was arrested as he left the theater. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> reporter: according to one police firm, holmes
uninsured americans? >> they care about it in theory. this used to be their plan. this is the hers taj foundation's big idea. they scared very deeply back then. i'm sure that they care now, but what you don't understand, mr. spitzer, is we have to let the market take care of this because the market has a solution. >> eliot: and it's done so well on wall street. >> absolutely. >> eliot: this is another tension that i have not been able to get my arms around. free riders are the bane of the republican party. they love to say look, 50% of the american company doesn't pay income tax. they're free riders. we got get them to pay in. pay up a little bit and they recoil. how do you square that inconsistency? >> well, not being a republican any more-- >> eliot: you're not. >> look, it's an election year. people say things that contradict each other wildly all the time. if we go down the list of conservative messages, look, you got a highly ironic republican presidential candidate this year. not only--look their number one issue is repealing obama-care and then as your presidential candidate of
, no. >> they just announced they are getting back together. >> as my mom used to call them geekwood flat. stephanie your geekwood flat tickets arrived. [ laughter ] >> all right. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie cutter who is going to marry me and not jim -- said obama's deputy campaign manager just in case you just tuned in the story of the morning, he said either romney was misrepresenting his position at bain to the sec, which is a . . . felony! [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> or he was misrepresenting his involve in the bain capital to the american people. the romney camp said president obama's campaign hit a new low when one of its senior advisors made a reckless and unsubstantiated charge to reporters about mitt romney that was so over the top it calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign. president obama ought to apologize for the out of control behavior of his staff. >> doesn't obama realize that lots of men are chairmens, ceos of his company but don't know what they do. >> that's how you get to a be a ceo by not knowing what i
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into some trouble because they used code words with his wife to move money around. they thought they were being clever like take 75 cents out of the bank account. you fool! everybody knows it is a code word. it is not actually 75 cents. he's using code words to describe a benefactor that apparently according to him offered to pay his legal defense fund. who is it? sean hannity. now that's a story that global broke. we'll duke them in a second. remember zimmerman's original attorneys, when they were quitting the case, they said this. >> we learned he had called sean hannity of fox news directly, not through us and we believe i can't confirm this, we believe he spoke directly with sean. off the record. he's not even willing to tell us what our client told him. >> cenk: that's interesting. then sean hannity actually went on air and talked about his private conversations with george zimmerman as well. >> for a few weeks we have been pursuing an interview with mr. zimmerman to give him a chance to tell hi
. coming up. >> tonight in the war renal, the thirst for the answer that continues to elude us. perhaps the truly shocking thing is that we are no longer shocked, as scenes like those in aurora play out over and over and over again. and as some questions begin to get answered the biggest one as always goes begging: how do we prevent this from happening again? how do we stand up to a gun lobby that considers itself immune from responsibility. and a congress that grants its every wish. now when it happens again. sdmrven tonight in the wake of the tragic shooting in aurora. the preventing gun laws nra the other entity is wall street. that's right. wall street financiers are behind efforts to loosen gun control laws despite popular support for tighter regulation. frank luntz found that 85%, 85% of non-nra members think that more should be done to close the gun show loophole. the poll was entitled: we can do more to top criminals from getting guns. closing it got nine nra members to agree. nra members, themselves, by 69% think that the gun show loop hole, as o
for answers. but surprise, surprise no one got back to us. we really want governor romney or a spokesperson to be on this show. but absent that, i have penned an open letter to mitt romney and i want to share it with you: dear mitt: let me begin by saying ed gillespie is not helping. retired retroactively. what does that even mean? so let's admit it. you were making untold sums working at bain during your so-called retroactive retirement. i am sure the rest of america wouldn't have minded your kind of retroactive retirement but that's beside the point. here is the latest news: today, the huffington post mitt reports that you were on the 2001 post-1999, 2001 management committees of at least a couple of bain companies. >> that's the management committee committee, not the completely uninvolved committee not the retired committee and, mitt, you earned a salary in 19 -- post-1999 of at least $100,000 from each of four bain companies as an executive. not as an investor. as an executive, someone who executes. now, since your name and title was
is required to keep us safe. the only reason to have an armor piercing bullet is to go through a bullet resisting vest. the only people who wear bullet resisting vests are police officers. when we hear shots we runaway. they run towards it. >> jennifer: today mayor bloomberg called for political action quote the two candidates are back to politics as usual. if not now when is the time for them to outline their solutio to gun violence? the very sad fact is that it is not gone gonna happen. politicians from both parties seem to be speaking with now is not the time to discuss the gun control line. even senator chuck schumer who led the weapons bans effort in 1994 said there wasn't much point in trying to reinstate it. take a listen. >> i hope it would be an effect. but we see what is in the house. we see the power of the nra around here. >> jennifer: the sad truth is the nra has never been more powerful. it controls republicans, democrats, it even controls our scientific institution. for example, when the cdc found that guns are dangerous oh, controversial, the gun lobby mobilized and got
. >> this phone in your hands is more powerful than any computer you used 20 years ago. it's link said to the world. people don't understand the significance of that. i was walking with my kids in los angeles and we ran into a pay phone and my kids are like what's that? they don't have a conception of a world that isn't internet accessible where they can't pull down any movie they want. >> there are kids, i think we've all had the experience of your son going to the t.v. and punching it. >> he kept hitting the t.v. and he said mom there's something -- the t.v.'s broken. it was the old paradigm of a person sitting back and not being immersed in the experience is over, the couch potato is now a couch potato but gets to interact. >> where you see, is this, we have seen exponential changes in technology or do we always talk in those terms. we talked about the game-changing technology in 1994 1997, are things changing at a speeding rate? >> the car hasn't changed that much considering there's a lot going on in car technology, most time to do with internet accessible carsar self driving cars
congressman chris van hollen. thank you for joining us. >> it's great to be here. >> eliot: giveing a stern warning saying we got to do something. we're marching towards the fiscal cliff, and then it's hostage versus hostage how is this going to happen. >> it's not really hostage versus hostage. we have two big things to be moving on right now. one is the president's jobs plan which has been sitting in the republican house of representatives since novembers. it calls for construction on our roads and bridges, that seems to be a no-brainer except our republican colleague don't want to allow a vote. second, our president has asked us to take action right now on extending tax relief for the vast middle class. 98% of the american people. the very top get a tax cut compared to current law. that would be something that we could do right away to provide greater certainty, and if the republicans want to fight about the other stuff do it later but don't hold 98% of the american people hostage to providing tax breaks to folks at the very top. >> eliot: certainly there is not any logic but with everyt
're giving up on one thing and unfortunately for us, that thing is dressage videos. you might remember yesterday we showed you this video put out by the dnc of romney dancing around the issues. >> when you release yours will you follow your father's example? >> maybe. [ laughter ] i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll take a look at what our documents are. >> turns out ann romney was offended since she uses horse training as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis. the d next c says it is sorry. it had no intention of offending ann romney and it will not put out anymore horse videos. more bill press after the break and we're live in chat, few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>we will have class warfare. >>i'm being violated by the health-care system. >>we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs, bodies. >>we go in and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. >>the award winning series "v
was not involved in outsourcing u.s. jobs overseas. which calls into question why anyone would believe a single word this guy says! mitt, mitt mitt! it is all starting to catch up with you. >> what a president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing u.s. jobs to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. he fought to save the u.s. auto industry. and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> so as you can imagine the romney campaign is going appear president-electic after seeing the new swing state ad. bain is not going away. romney campaign spokeswoman amanda heninberg says the obama campaign tries to mislead voters with ads that independent fact checkers have proven to be false. really? amanda? do you really want to go there? so romney claims that he basically left bain in february of 1999. that h
for joining us in "the war room." we'll see you tomorrow. >>> welcome to "the young turks." you know the whole nonsense controversy about you didn't build that? romney even ran ad on it watch. >> through hard work and a little bit of hard work he built this business. why is he demonizing us for it? >> wait until you find out about the guy in ad. and then sally ride the first female astronaut in space passed away. >> the first woman astronaut. >> reporter: she not only boldly went where no american woman ever went before at 31 she was always the younger. >> and it turned out she was also the very first lesbian in space. her partner of 27 years might not be getting the benefits she would get if they were a straight couple. and we'll have sally ride's sister on the program. then we have a fun new segment for you guys. what if we were fox news. >> i'm running for office to help the rich. >> we got him! he said that! can't believe it! all right. we'll do that later as well. it's go time. ♪ >>> now there has been a budding non-controversy about what president obama said in
. >> mitt romney has used every trick in the book. romney admits that over the last two years, he's paid less than 15% in taxes on $43 million in income. makes you wonder if some years he paid any taxes at all. >> jennifer: joining me now is david cay johnston, the pulitzer prize winning journalist who covered the tax code for more than a decade for "the new york times." he's a columnist for reuters david, thank you so much for being inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. let me start with that, the inference from that action d more generally. there is a record number of high income earners who pay no federal income tax. how does that work? how do rich people avoid paying taxes. i'm assuming they're rich people. >> well $200,000 puts you in the top 3%. people avoid paying taxes by having losses that they can take, by paying taxes to foreign governments that they deduct dollar for dollar against the u.s. we don't know exactly how the 35,000 people do this and by the way, six of th
it to what you do so you have maximum power output. if you choose to use the same number of hours great. i have a quote from tim draper, and he's not going to recommend people work four hours a week. and other people have read it, and they don't want their employees to work four hours a week. but they do want their employees to get as much done as they sit in front of the computers. >> it gets rave reviews because it challenges people about designing a life. is that fundamentally what you're trying to achieve here communicate a life worth living. it has some balance and integration to what? >> what it, i suppose at its core is intended to teach is how to focus on designing a lifestyle, ie, a life that you want to have, including the things you want to be, what is fun. then work back backwards that you design your career and business to support that instead of having this deferred life plan with retirement and future, putting all these various things off, and then having your lifestyle being a side-effect of whatever your business happens to be. >> how do you define--what's your closest app
>> hello, thanks for joining us. this week, we are featuring remarkable innovators. he's not just showing up chrysler motors brands new sedan, also the first successful launch of a spacecraft into space and back to earth. another true visionary, peter went to harvard medical then m.i.t., expecting to help populate outer space. he went on to launch a non-profit, the x prize. a competition to fund private space projects and other scientific breakthroughs. finally, a fresh perspective on cars. we have a wonderful look at key innovations in the auto industry and how they've impacted our lives. first, the founder of pay pal c.e.o. space x and tessla motors. the tessla sedan. zero to 16 in about six seconds which is pretty fast. the performance vision is 4.4 seconds. faster than a porsche. >> all touch screen. >> full screen, as well. it has google maps. >> radio luwanda. wow, you're not kidding. [ laughter ]. i could listen to this all day. >> nirvana? and typical charge takes how long to fully recharge a battery? >> with the super charger, you can recharge in less than an hour. at lea
and for those of us who don't follow the horse, what happens? are there rounds of competition. or what happens? >> i have to tell you this is ann's sport. she will get the chance to see it. i will not be watching the event. >> this is ann's sport. i don't know anything about dressage. what a supportive husband. he might have said she might bring home the gold medal for the united states instead of tucking his tail between his legs. >> i don't think he was necessarily running away from the story. i think it was probably more of a gallop than anything. has it occur to anybody that the only reason he is in england right now, out of all times he could have gone is so they could do the olympics for their horse and nobody would talk about it too much. the whole notion that this is his wife's thing is baloney. there is audiotape of him bragging about the times of horses he and ann have -- >> right. >> when she was talking to sean hannity. this is all mitt romney trying to look less afeet than he is. if this was john kerry the media would not stop talking about it. i think that
to have that debate. michael sandel, beautiful book. worth reading. thank you again. join us some other jennifer granholm. >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," hey mitt, when are you coming clean on your taxes? mitt romney still backed into a corner. shielding himself from tax questions, bain attacks and outsourcing charges. the man has run for senator governor president after campaigning for almost 20 years will mitt romney finally come clean or will he try to point in another direction any direction? >> celebrating success instead of attacking and denigrating makes america strong. that's the right course for this country. >> jennifer: mitt. it didn't work then. it won't work now. we'll take down more of romney's secrets and lies tonight in "the war room." >> jennifer: the crowd at president obama's rally in san antonio, texas today had a message for his opponent yelling "show us your taxes"! and as we've reported, it is not just democrats. there is a growing chorus of republicans cla
, and they have refused caterpillar's us offer, and they have been striking since may 1st. here is the cherry on top. last year, caterpillar's chairman, which you just saw, got an $11 million bonus on top of his $6 million salary. chairman are you out there? because if you are i really have an idea that i think could end the standoff. instead of the workers taking a pay freeze you could sacrifice just a bit of your own pay, give every one of the workers a cost of living adjustment, plus keep their health care copays as they are, give them a $5,000 bonus and you know what? you personally would still have $10 million left over just for you. $10 million for you. that would end the strike. why wouldn't y'all agree to that? >> well, to answer that question, i'm going to drive deeper into the story with steven greenhouse he is the "new york times" labor and workplace reporter. he has been all over the caterpillar story and a whole bunch of other labor stories in america. he comes to us tonight from new york. thank you for joining us and welcome inside "the war room." >> thank
because we say in commerce anyway because you're going to use healthcare at some point. nonetheless, i'm not so sure that it will be very easy to make the case that anything else we regulate is "inactivity" but this could be the jumping off point for further restrictions and that remains to be seen so it is worrisome. >> so folks sort of can understand the larger arc of our constitutional jurisprudence basically from the new deal until now the capacity -- your capacity as congress to legislate and regulate -- >> i wouldn't say unlimited -- >> unchecked by courts by in large. >> yes. all of the major laws we take for granted social security, medicare, minimum wage laws, maximum hour laws. >> clean air act. >> clean air act prior to 1937 would have been declared unconstitutional as beyond the power of congress. minimum wage laws were declared unconstitutional. the court changed in the late '30s early '40s and has regulated interstate commerce to provide for the common defense and to tax for the wealthier -
be right when he says, the u.s. economy headed to a stall speed. recession risk rising. let's head to dan grows columnist and economic editor with yahoo finance and for. and felix salmon. dan, i want to start with you. the name of your book, i read the title when i'm fundamentally depressed. make me feel good about this. >> you have to look at the context. private sector has added 4.4 million jobs since 2010. jobs are being added. a lot of people think a lot of those jobs added in the first three months were taking from the second quarter because the weather was so good. >> cenk: i have to interrupt you. i've been hearing this weather explanation, it's warm and we're adding jobs. i never met an employer who said the weather report is good, i'm going to hire someone. >> well, home construction, things like that can be pulled forward that might not otherwise happen in may. seasonal stuff going on. people think because the jobs losses were so severe in early 2009, do you remember back then hundreds of thousands were lost that now effects--you have to remember, these are surveys. this is not
that is an inconvenient truth. are you surprised? well, you shouldn't be. in fact, coming to us tonight from washington to discuss the policy and the politics behind president obama's new tax cut proposal is dean baker, the co-director for the scepter of economic and policy research. dean, welcome back inside the war room. >> thanks for having me on. >> you bet. so is there any chance this proposal passing congress before the -- before the election? >> well, it's very very hard to see the republican house pass it. i mean, clearly their strategy is, you know say no to everything and, you know, governor romney made it clear, he wants to make a big deal out of the fact that president obama wants to raise taxes on the richest two % of the company. my guess is from president obama's standpoint, that's a great place to draw the line, you know, but it looks, for the moment at least, that's where the line is going to be from the republicans' own choosing. >> i totally love this fight. i love the contrast from a political junky's point of view. but on the policy side, you
history. barack obama's foreign policy. thank you for joining us. >> nice to be with you governor. >> eliot: susan rice just referred to the bitter end and said it is coming. do you agree assad's days are numbers? there are defections in significant number in his military and there are bombings in the capital. what does this mean? can he survive? >> you know, i think ambassador rice is probably correct but i don't think russia and china agree with her yet. it is not just that they like assad. they think he may survive. we're going to have to persuade them otherwise before we can get any kind of coorption cooperation from moscow or beijing. there is still a chance that this could go on for a long time and that assad's regime may wind up in part of the country. it may wind up facing more and more contested areas in certain cities but it may hold on because the insurgency afterall is a fairly motley crue of divorce groups that right now are increasingly good at building car bombs but can't hold territory themselves.
life, coast to coast right out of our nation's capital here at washington, d.c. you will find us right in the heart of the action. go to the u.s. capitol building and turn left a couple of blocks, and there we are right on capitol hill in washington, d.c. bringing you the news of the day here from the nation's capitol where, yes, the republicans yesterday refused to schedule a hearing on the current heat wave and what's causing it even though farmers crosses the country are bemoaning the loss of crops, the price of corn the price of products in the supermarkets beef and pol re. republicans don't want to think about it. they would rather vote, hold another vote to repeal obamacare obamacare. other news around the country and around the globe all of it here for you on today's full-court press. you get a chance to join the conversation. >> that's what makes ist so much fun here on the full-court press every day by giving us a call at 866-55-press and tell us what these issues mean to you. we are coming to you live on your local progressive talk radio sta
is starting a new tv channel. god help us all. >> hello. i'm herman cain. they think we are stupid. we the people are coming. and we want our power back. >> i don't know about that we're not stupid slogan. you might want to rethink that. it's go time. now, you have seen it all over the country. you've seen it this year and last year. we've got droughts, heat waves freak weather events. there was a weather event the other day that knocked out power, i don't know what it was called. i never heard of it before. apparently it zooms in a straight line and knocks everything out in its path. what in the world is going on? i got an answer for you. it is called climate change. we show you the numbers because weather doesn't equal climate but when you see it in its context, you'll understand. let me show you the different things. heat waves droughts, storms, flooding widespread wildfires. you've seen the wildfires throughout. again, it is overall trend right? so let's go to what happened in 2011. here's a piece. >>
poster of the president. if you have anything to be posted to us, send it to us, thanks for joining us have a great night. see you tomorrow 3 s." we've got a great show ahead for you tonight. mitt romney goes racially. >> it's a very strange and in some respects foreto the american experience type of philosophy. >> cenk: i wonder what he meant by that. i give you four more quotes just like that. and then we've got massive street protests in the happiest place on earth. >> the police are moving in. all of a sudden anaheim where disneyland is has become a bit of a ticking time bomb. protests after protests. cops shooting civilians. it's getting ugly over there. we'll show you what is happening. speaking of ugly, one of the world's worst pranks shows how divided the middle east is. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> cenk: that's a gut wrenching story. really important. we'll talk about all that. anybody know what time it is? anybody? oh right go time. >> cenk: all right, so mitt romney has been playing defense a lot. release your tax returns off-shore banks accounts. the team has decided
-american families. nor any middle class families for that matter. tell us how cutting income tax rates for the wealthiest is going to help most african-americans. or voter i.d. laws, mitt, your silence on that mattered before the naacp when they're focusing on that is deafening. especially back in april you sided with pennsylvania republicans who wanted to disenfranchise voters. and you say you want to end obama-care, which as today's boos may have indicated is actually really popular with african-americans. among other things ending obama-care would make it harder for black women who are most likely to die from breast cancer than white women it makes it more difficult for them to get free screenings. let's be honest, mitt. i know that's hard for you but today's naacp appearance was not really an attempt to win over black voters. this is an attempt to make yourself look more either inclusive to independents, but perhaps more importantly this was an attempt to get fox news some video of angry black people booing at you. and that is today's not-so-secret lie. coming to us from houston th
? >> relax, mitt. this isn't about you. besides, you are basically with us on this one. now, this is about republican governors and congressmen threatening to deny healthcare coverage to millions of americans for no other reason than it's an election year. do you want to play politics? fine. let's play politics. >> the best thing we can do is get help people get good-paying jobs. >> that's louisiana governor bobby jindal who has vowed not to implement the now officially constitutional affordable care act. and, of course, he is not alone. according to think progress 10 republican governors, a group i am calling the governos are refusing to expand medicaid as called for in the affordable care act by failing to sign on, these governos will deny healthcare coverage to about 3 and a half million people and forfeit billions of dollars and they all claim they can't afford to do it. but here an inconvenient truth that they don't want you to know: the federal government will pay for 100% of the medicaid expansion costs for the first three years, and af
stands up and tell us what they're going to do about it. >> eliot: i'm joined by john rosenthal and and alex seitz-wald. >> eliot: we'll go through a few days of guns, gun control how we should change laws, and then the issue disappears. what in your view should we do, and how do we go about doing it? >> well, what we should do in this country is require congress to find its backbone instead of just trying to extract as much special interest money as possible from the gun manufacturers and the gun lobby and institute uniform national law. the only uniform national law that exists today is that there is no mandatory background check for all gun sales unless you go to a gun store. so congress says it is perfectly okay for criminals al-qaeda hezbollah, gang members to go to u.s. gun shows, 5,000 a year, 33 states, no background check no i.d. required. nobody should be surprised when they hear that 83 more people died yesterday today and every day. 105 american--i'm sorry, 150 americans shot every single day. if you added up the americans killed by firearms in 30 years it is more th
's companies were pine easier of shipping u.s. jobs overseas. >> romney's campaign has rejected those claims and yesterday came out with an ad of their own called "no evidence". >> when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks misleading, unfair and untrue. >> you might notice both of those ads site articles from the washington post that were both published on the same day. one saying bain capital invested in companies that shift jobs overseas. the others saying the president's outsourcing attacks are unfair and untrue. so what's the deal here? did romney shift jobs overseas? or didn't he? well, now the question is: when did romney really leave bain capital? much of theous sourcing happened after 1999 when romney says he left to run the olympics but according to a new boston globe report romney's sec reports list him until 2002. his camp insists he left in 99. that quo mean he lied on his sec forms. that's a felony. his campaign asked the globe to correct the question. the groen said no. we will have to wait as
to talk, giving us a call at 866-55-press. we are used to mitt romney telling us how rich he is. now, it's ann romney's turn on good morning america, yesterday, she said mitt wouldn't release any more of his tax returns because, you people have all you need to know. you people. >> that's us. unlike, them, rich people. hey, talking a lot about that this morning and a whole lot more. we start out by getting today's latest, the current news update from lisa ferguson out in los angeles. good morning, lease a. >> good morning, bill. good morning, everyone we have breaking news for you out of colorado where a masked gunman has opened fire at a movie theater at the premier of the dark knight. fourteen are dead and 50 are injured. it sounds like police do have a suspect in custody. this is out of yourora, colorado. we will bring you more details out of that shooting as they are released. >>> in blurbs politics, a new report from the boston globe is giving more details after romney kept ties with bain after 1999. shortly after leave to go run the olympics, h
lines, above race, above any of the old political decisions that all of us are still involved in. he hasn't gotten it. >> eliot: he would become a transcendent figure if unemployment got down to 5%. we often look backwards and impose our image of what a president is. something we can't see at the time and we cannot appreciate until later on. here's the other thing. mitt romney, whatever one might think about him, i don't think there's anybody who says he is eloquent or has been in this campaign, one who has crafted an image for us. what he thinks the economy would be. is this his moment? i look back to the '08 campaign when president obama not then president obama of course was being beaten up by reverend wright. he gave an eloquent speech about race. even those who didn't vote for him said that was a superb articulation of how we address the issue. can either romney or obama give an equivalent speech about the economy that lets us see a vision for where we can go. guy hasn't done it yet. >> he's been articula
.e.o. number seven. she gives us five clues for what it takes to succeed in the valley. we'll decipher what it really means. so often we talk about how we can make technology for accessible to everyone. there's one place we can do more using the internet to help government become more open and accountable. ellen, thanks for being on the show. >> happy to be here. >> let's jump right into this, openness transparency and actability addressing those three issues is money in politics. this presidential election is just a perfect example the absurdity of money and what it's already played in terms of its impact and outcomes of the primaries and in the presidential contest. what can we do to address this fundamental issue. >> first we have to understand that transparency of political money is the kind of democracy without that, we know nothing about what's really going on, the kinds of influences that the money might exert on the people who are behind the candidates. the turn of the century the turn of the last century, 1907 we've had a firm rule about clear and complete disclosure of campaign co
fraud. you're supposed to represent us, your audience. not those guys. unfortunately, they totally misunderstand that. funny enonononononononononononononononononononononononononononono eliot spitzer is next. >> eliot: good evening i'm eliot spitzer and this is "viewpoint." the latest attempt by democrats to stem the flood of secret donations, polluting our political campaigns has gone down to defeat in the senate. twice. once monday and once this afternoon. the disclose act they championed would have simply required nonprofit groups to disclose the names of donors contributing $10,000 or more. business lobbies including the u.s. chamber of commerce fought back claiming disclosing their contributions could expose them to and i quote retaliation against unpopular or unfavorable political views which also infringes constitutional rights. in other words the rights of corporations to make secret donations to secure influence ranks above the rights of citizens in our democracy to know who's influencing the people
swim, birds fly and anderson cooper is gay. that's what he said yesterday. that's what he told us but who cares? the big question is not whether or not anderson cooper is gay it is whether or not he can get good enough ratings to save cnn. which i doubt frankly. at any rate, that's one of the things we'll be talking about this morning here on this tuesday celebration. but first, we go out to los angeles and get all of the latest today's current news update from our good buddy jacki schechner. good morning. >> good morning, bill. the president and mitt romney are both on vacation again today but "the new york times" is reporting that romney has made plans to visit israel later this summer. the confirmation comes from president benjamin netanyahu's office. romney is meeting with other israel's leaders and the president of the palestinian authority during the short less than two day trip. it is an attempt to reach out to jewish voters and evangelical christians and beef up the foreign policy credentials which are a lit
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